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This house inspires security and balance through its square form. Immersed in a round base, it inspires creativity and harmony from the sky. These two shapes -sky and earth- are present in the Chinese coin. The main shape of the Chinese Coin House relates to prosperity. On both its sides, the Milky Way was expressed, utilizing the concept that irradiates prosperity. All the house’s measurements are based in the Golden Number (or Golden Ratio): number Phi (Fi) Phi: 1,618. This number is found in the geometrical distribution of patterns, such as sunflower seeds, a bee’s body, even in the human body. Ancient Egyptians used this concept to build the pyramids. Ancient Greeks used it to build the Parthenon. Leonard da Vince applied it to his masterpiece: the Mona Lisa. The Eiffel Tower was also built under this same principle. View more View full description
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