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Inspiration is a funny thing: when you need it is nowhere to be seen, and just when you're not expecting it, it can blindside you in the least convenient of places. Here's ten inspirational TED talks for architects (in no particular order) from people with broad and unique views on architecture. Some might enlighten, educate or even enrage you - at the very least they should get those creative juices flowing a little better. Take-in these ten TED talks after the break... 1. Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral There's usually an obvious answer to most problems, and then there's Thomas Heatherwick's solution. Heatherwick is an architect who refuses to take the conventional path, instead dreaming up new ways to do things. Here he demonstrates his prowess: showing a folding bridge that curls up and 'kisses itself', taking seeds out of small paper packets and constructing a light-filled cathedral for them, or turning apartment buildings upside down and creating a rain-forest between them. View more View full description
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