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The project arises from an open competition (in the form of restricted competition of ideas), to which the office republica_dm is invited by the organizing entity, the “Public Office of Educational Services and Infrastructure” of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Andalucia.  The building responds to the required program, “child center and primary school_c2”, adapted both to the geomorphological conditions of the site (with significant slopes), as well as to its urban conditions. We respond to the program by proposing three “basic volumes” that adjust to a phased construction. The implantation of the buildings is intended to set free the central spaces, destined for the students’ play area, so that the teaching, administration, and complementary spaces are located at the limit allowed by the urban conditions (distance from facades). The administration and complementary spaces make up the north facade, laid out parallel to the secondary street (with south facing sea views), whereas the child center is parallel to one of the back facades (the northern boundary). View more View full description
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