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Nearby Argenton sur Creuse, the existing house takes roots in the south sloping garden. Entry way is located and kept at street level. That level overviews the garden 20 feets above. This situation offers full sun exposure. Previous owner mainly lived at street level and attic. By then, garden level was more pratical or for saisonal use. Functionnal link between these two levels needed improvement. The goal was to connect them in order to make better use of space and settle living areas no more towards street but garden. Then, architectural proposition drastically modifies previous space laying, since new living areas are grounded at garden level. Lower south elevation is remodeled with new large windows while an addition overhangs the terrace. A steel skin, as a ribbon, partly covers the exterior wall and connect the addition to existing building. This wooden frame cabin relates to garden and further valley ; it becomes a remarquable bird overlook, kind of a gaze above. View more View full description
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