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The commission for this building started as early as 2006. After a long design process, along with extensive design meetings with the principal, the design was ready to be presented to the strict supervising committee of the municipality. Supervisors Ton Schaap and Michael van Gessel where praising in their final conclusion: “The church is in its tough plasticity and reluctant use of materials a big plus for this part of Amsterdam.” The building is simple in its definition. The entrance and the kitchen have become the focus of the church. Adjacent to the left and right you will find the meeting hall and the main church hall. Above the meeting hall, on the first floor you will find the flexible meeting rooms. The main church hall itself has a balcony on the first floor. The rest of the first floor is an open space, with a from 9 meters and up ascending roof. This space ends in a 13 meter high light tower; a light roof light spanning the full with of the venue, allowing for indirect sunlight. View more View full description
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