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This house was built in a modernism spirit that is loaded with strong geometrical elements. Located in high density urban city of Jakarta, the house must adapted with it site. The design execution and material selection were done carefully to highlight the issue of low energy consumption. One of the efforts was by implementing wood as main material for the building. The rest was reducing cement to create an honest and straightforward characteristic to the building. The rooms were created as a response to the sun path and cross air circulation. Each space was divided based on the air vents that split and limit every activity.  The building accommodates a family with four children. Therefore, the house was expected to embody a quality life experience for the future. The space was divided based on the vertical zoning. The lowest floor is the service area; the second floor was designed to be a communal space for the family, while the third floor is a private space with a study room as a core. View more View full description
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