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In July 2012, the AA, in partnership with the Adriano Olivetti Foundation and Gehry Technologies, launched Factory Futures: A three year research program aimed at exploring innovative architectural responses for the productive landscape of the future. The mission of Factory Futures is to connect the realms of contemporary urban theory with computational design techniques for the affirmative re-empowerment of the architectural practice within contemporary conditions of production. This year, the Ivrea Visiting School will develop design tools and research concepts to confront this phenomenon, which is challenging the conventions of both architectural design and urban theory during their workshop which takes place July 1-12. More information after the break. The former Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea –the only UNESCO candidate site in Italy fully dedicated to its modern industrial architecture – constitute both the physical and cultural setting of our work.  A growing network of academic and industry partners, Factory Futures operates through highly focused symposia, visiting schools, exhibitions and publications. View more View full description
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