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Arguably the biggest buzzword in urbanism right now is the 'Smart City'. The idea, although certainly inclusive of eco-friendly practices, has even replaced “sustainability” as the major intent of cities planning for positive future development. Smart City thinking has been used successfully in countries as diverse as Brazil, the US, the UAE, South Korea, and Scotland (Glasgow just won a £24million grant to pioneer new schemes throughout the city). But what exactly are Smart Cities? What benefit do they bring us? And, more importantly, how can we best implement them to secure our future? The answer, in my opinion, lies in the hands of architects. More on the potential of Smart Cities after the break... A coherent definition of what makes a Smart City, as well as a 'Future City,' is often difficult to pin down. The idea is easily entangled in the swirling mass of utopian thinking that encompasses sustainability, technology, societal progress and economic prosperity. One useful explanation has been provided by Boyd Cohen of Fast Company: View more View full description
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