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This dormitory house at Taman Permata Millenium, Lippo Karawaci, situated on a 375 sqm land in a currently urbanized area, is one of the many others with similar typology dotting the area to provide rentable one-person residential spaces. What separates this one from the other is what its spatial design offers to the inhabitants. The facades give the building an echo of contemporary architectural forms, a "minimalistic style" if you like, with boxy masses balanced into a smaller, vertical and more introverted one, with a larger, horizontal and more extroverted one. Despite the careful planning of the exterior, the main feature lies in its interior spatial planning. Viewed simply as temporary nesting space for students and working singles, the building typology usually bears keywords such as efficiency, economicaly built, low operational cost, giving it somewhat the industrial spirit lacking humane aspects, delivering common images of dim-lit corridors, minimum living space, and mechanized ventilation. Not with this one. Still bearing efficiency and economy to its realisation, the design aims to reject such typical gloomy myth by delivering reasonably measured inner spaces, natural light and ventilation as much as possible. View more View full description
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