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The Bamboo Lantern designed for the Gwamgju Design Biennale in Korea  by Atelier FCJZ (a prominent chinese firm who is also designing the Shanghai Corporate pavilion for the Expo 2010) appears to be a solid heavy mass.  Yet, as visitors separate its two halves and occupy its interior, the mere cubic form turns into something else completely.  The lantern is a “ dialogue between opposites” , as its plan is comprised of a circle nested within a square.  The circle and square illustrate strong symbolism from the Ancient Chinese tradition, with the former representing the heavens, and the later, the earth.  These two shapes are inherently different and yet, when combined, they work together to organize the exterior space and provide a new sense for the interior.  “The directionality in the square is used to organize the surrounding exterior viewing space while the stillness of the circular shape that defines the interior intimately collects the rest space,” explained the architects. View more View full description
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