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Toyo Ito was commissioned for this building by his older sister after her husband sadly lost his battle with cancer in the 1970s. Having lived for a number of years in a high-rise apartment, she and her two young daughters wished to move to a site which had more connection to the ground; as luck would have it, the site next to Ito's own house was being sold at the time. The design for the house began as an L-shape, with Ito's sister expressing a desire for a visual connection between different parts of the house. However, as the discussion progressed the design began to focus increasingly on the symbolic nature of what the house meant to the grieving family. This lead to the introverted, U-shaped design which separated the domain of the family from the outside world. The internal layout of the building consists of the long curved corridor, which terminates at each end in bedrooms: at one end the mother's, at the other the daughters'. These ends of the corridor are dark, with the primary light source being the entrance to the internal courtyard, near the center of the bend - at the symbolic meeting point of the family. The surfaces inside are all white, making a minimalist space for contemplative thought. View more View full description
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