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Via mirage.studio.7 we ran into this list of fictional architects in movies. There are some classic ones, like Henry Fonda. Some new ones like Adam Sandler. And there’s even an actual architect who made it to The Simpsons. Which one do you like the most? The least? Is there anyone missing in this list? Some actor/actress you would really like as an architect in a movie? Tell us what you think. Full list after the break. Update: Images and sources were taken from mirage.studio.7. They did this article with different sources like DanStewart, Ajolote Boletin, Archinect, ArchitExploitation, and more. Paul Newman in “The Towering Inferno”: Keanu Reeves in “The Lake”: Steve Martin in “HouseSitter”: Woody Harrelson in “Indecent Proposal”: Michael Keaton in “White Noise”: Frank Gehry (voice) in “The Simpsons”: View more View full description
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