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Recognized by united nations and world banks, the City of Yiwu houses the world’s biggest small goods market, having seemingly arisen over night, is now the center of trading for small goods in the world.  The people of Yiwu, once workers on the farming fields dared to change their  fates and stepped into the world of business and landed on success. “Breakthrough Innovations” is this city’s most valued essence. The city strongly encourages young entrepreneur, and with that in mind, the Lahas Zone was idealistically concieved and designed, centering a green enviroment that can incorporate services, offices, and exhibitions all into living comfortably. For the successful implementation of such a green zone for innovations,Capital Domain commissioned avant-garde architect of the natural styles, Tsueng-Jin Lin to create the showroom that will symbolise Lahas Zone. Differing from past sale centers, Lahas Zone was comprohensively renovated from an old factory building instead of built a new on the Lahas Zone site in accordance to maintaining green. In facing the many challenges of the old structure,while maintaining the integrity of recycle design and adhering to the developers intentions,Lin has created Chinese stylised models of living for the post contemporary age. Lin Believes,that the principles of green design is in the recyled use of the property and how to utilise an abandoned building undergoing a program change to it’s full potential. The design for this abandoned factory would also have to consider long term use beyond just a showroom, to incorporate a club like setting for future use in the effort the be true to green design. The plan is to continue transforming the space’s fucntionality in the future, section by section, to maximism its recyle output and a continuing renew to program. However the current main purpose was to utilise minimal construction to achieve a showroom with an air of ‘Subtle Happiness’. (The idea of ‘Subtle Happiness’ or ‘Syoukakkou’ cames from the famous author Haruki Murakami to mean: Though it’s subtle and maybe pedestrian, it’s a feeling of happiness that you’re completely sure of.) View more View full description
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