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The site of the transition house and social housing units on rue des Thermopyles encapsulates the district’s overall qualities and problems. The plot provides a transition between two scales and two construction histories in the locality. To the north, rue de Plaisance, a typically outer Paris street lined with medium-size, four and five-storey buildings and other higher buildings in grey and red brick, sets the general architectural tone and amplitude. To the south, rue Boyer-Barret, with its Haussmannian façades, defines the visual limits of the surrounding urban landscape. Rue des Thermopyles runs between these two parallel streets. Its workshops, vegetation and courtyards are on the pleasant small scale often typical of Paris’s peripheral districts. These two urban fabrics are interspersed with a succession of green plots between the squares on rue Didot and the public garden on rue des Thermopyles. The project is a response to this eclectic mixture of scales and typologies and the need to fully integrate it into local life. View more View full description
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