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In the planning of the Campus of Pontevedra and the buildings of the faculty of education sciences and the CATRI (centro de apoyo a la transferencia de resultados de investigación, Transference of investigation results support center), those geometries shaping "local traces" and a nature still with potential, superput on the intention of creating an atmosphere that results from the permeability and presence of the environmental peculiarities, added to the decision to make the diverse activities of the university life take part among them, through two mechanisms: visual continuities in horizontal and vertical section, and conversion of circulation spaces in relation areas. Thus we obtain multiple scales and environmental sensations. It leads to taking the most of re-live the river as organizer of the city, to deal and to propose the campus as community space of culture and leisure, and to recover the area of the campus and the river as park and as defined ecozone. View more View full description
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