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The architectural intention was to shape a modest but unique environment which works simultaneously as part of a spacious outdoor facility and the traditional wooden buildings in the neighborhood. The design should especially address young people without being faddish. The new clubhouse consists of a simple pitched roof volume and a covered outdoor area that faces the football fields. The design of the facades with the white “brim” was determined by the important outdoor stair connection to the wardrobes in the basement. Onsite a single wardrobe building with two floors was located before. With exception of the basements concrete structure the building had to be demolished. Outdoor Activities in Middle Norway (63 ° north) are often influenced by the weather. Especially rain in combination with wind is factors that have a negative impact and limit low threshold social gatherings. The protected outdoor area increases the usability and extends the season of football tournaments, training and other activities. The semi-transparent roof is also partially drawn down the sides and establishes a favorable microclimate. Permanent “lounge”- benches of reused netting are key elements and contribute to invite to other informal activities for children and youth. In addition to the harsh climate winter in Trondheim is long and dark. The lighting concept of the building increases usability, security, sensation, and makes the building attractive regardless of the season. The brim and the semi transparent façade are illuminated by LED and both entrance areas with the yellow walls are illuminating the project. View more View full description
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