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The new Temple of Cremation in Parma is located north of the Valera Cemetery, between this one and the newly built ring road, approximately one kilometer west of the city. On one side the city and the ring road, on the other one the countryside and the town of Valera, mark the references to a landscape characterized by the centuriale history of colonization and the basic Roman altomedievale roads: a civilization still readable in the Roman Domus, in the layout of roads and farms, in the Vicofertile’s Romanesque architecture. The relationship between the two fences, old and designed and that between them, the countryside and the town of Valera is the main issue addressed by the project. The fence, a fence made of architectural space that designed as a porticoed wall and inhabited by Cellari containing dust, contains, in an uninterrupted path, the relationship between life and death, establishing a reading in the sense of the ideal continuity. In the form of a large rectangle which is next to the existing cemetery the arcade, which can be reached from a parking lot located on the closer side, according to the present use of the existing cemetery, contains the moments of a hierarchy, whose architectural medium is the Temple itself, in the middle of the two dimensions. View more View full description
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