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Architects: Archi5 Location: Pontault Combault, France Project Year: 2008 Photographs: Thomas Jorion Project Area: 3,140 sqm Collaborators: B. Huidobro. Client: City of Pontault Combault Budget: 3.804.594€ without IVA This project is a cultural center that includes different programs. Located in Pontault Combault, a medium-sized city, about 30 km from the center of the Paris region. The cultural center includes: a theater / auditorium, a media library, music studios and showrooms. It is a place full of houses over uneven ground. On this complicated ground, our project aims to assert its public identity with a strong image, but respecting the scale of the surrounding buildings and houses, most of which have one or two levels. Every aspect of the program has different requirements in terms of volume. Yet the building must be consistent and unique. The shape of the project is the result of the organization of these different volumes linked to the scale of the adjacent buildings. The echo with the windings of the road from the church allows the emergence of a generous public space. View more View full description
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