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The proposed merger of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty, is generated by the need to consolidate in the North Campus all units of the Faculty, and to date it counts academic "partitions" in its headquarters at 20th Vicuña Mackenna st. and the Economic and Administrative Direction at 79th Vicuña Mackenna st. This initiative has a dual purpose, firstly to streamline the student, faculty and staff work, and on the other hand, allows the University to consolidate in the North Campus or "Health Campus" all academic units in conjunction with Medicine Faculty, The University Hospital and Dentistry Faculty. Architectural imprintIf we analyze Campus Olivos structure, resulting theoretical disposition to evaluate the possibilities of "opening and closing" of the land given to Santos Dumont street, allowing more than one interesting volumes location imprint. But these alternatives, the most relevant in terms of shaping Campus, is one that agrees with the definition and creation of an "edge". In this regard, it should be understood that most Campus systems of the University of Chile, are embedded in the urban fabric that is not only challenges given (and will) realize an interaction into the same, if not also outward, to public space and through it, to the City. In this sense the terrain chosen for the task is an archetypal case of this situation. View more View full description
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