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This one-story house is for an old couple will spend their rest of life after retirements. The house is located in Yagiyama hilly district which lies south of a Hirosegawa river terrace. It is a historical residential area developing from the beginning of showa era 1960 by scraping off bedrock. The site is surrounded by houses, apartment, and a nearby house which client's son family is living, so the clients requested living in privacy, but a sunny and breezy house while considering connection with the nearby house. To take appropriate distances from the surroundings,first I decided to put volume at the middle of the site. Instead of no window at outer walls, I took out four spaces as terraces from the volume: the entrance, a side door connecting to main house, a bright wash room, and a garden space softly divides living room and bedroom. Then setting high or small windows in those spaces allows daylight in with good ventilation while keeping privacy. As for the roof, I cut off the slope at the four corner of central volume to adjust to surrounding houses; besides, there is a skylight to release hot air and prompt natural ventilation. View more View full description
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