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It’s an extension of a traditional house, which only deal with the living room / dining room. The home became too small with the arrival of a new baby in the family.  The only programmatic constraint imposed by the client concern the connection of the extension through the kitchen or the entrance area to the house.  The grandfather farmer's family house is located in agricultural area. The surrounding architecture is devoted to farming. There is a flagrant archetype concerning the 'traditional' type of dwelling house, indeed there are farm annex buildings which can be similar to huge cottages, small hangars or most often small white or translucent greenhouses with long metal double pitched roof or half-cylindrical form.  The existing house is composed of two big gables and let an important part of the site unused. At the bottom of the west gable, underground space is occupied by water network and grease tank. The fact to take off the house extension is a technical obviousness. Then, it's also an occasion to honour the landscape through the architecture, and put in place a architectural language in order to stimulating the collective imagination, different era imaginary corresponding to a flourishing agriculture. View more View full description
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