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The university restaurant is located on the Rockefeller Medical School’s campus in Lyon. The building hosting the students’ restaurant is in recently redeveloped area. It is surrounded by a large square that offers leisure space from which one gets a wide point of view on the building. The perception of the students’ restaurant is thus emphasized. The volumetry translates a functional conception totally dedicated to the specific needs of its function, collective catering. Over 2000 guest come on a daily base for lunch. The restaurant includes three different lunchrooms: A students’ hall with a capacity of 800 seats A staff room with a capacity of 200 seats A VIP/guest hall with a capacity of 50 seats The size of the site and its “hilly” landscape made the conception of the project a challenge. Therefore, each level is committed to its function. The lower level is used for food prepping, guest entrance and administration offices. The mid level houses the self and two of the principal lunch halls. The students’ hall is structured by two mezzanines, which participate in its spatial quality by reducing highness. The upper level is restricted for VIP guest. Its wide terrace overlooking the campus is highly appreciated during nice season and for special events. View more View full description
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