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WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design was selected over four shortlisted firms in acompetition to design and build the first-ever Pavilion for Singapore’s Archifest 2012. The“Wonder|Wall” is a zero waste pavilion that reuses materials in a new way to extraordinaryfunctions and delight thus engaging and inspiring the hearts and minds of all to Rethink Singapore”. Specificity Of The SiteThe design of the pavilion was a response to the duality of the site. On the one hand, FortCanning, once know as the “Forbidden Hill” still retains its quiet, reposeful and almost mythicalcharacter. Directly opposite is Clarke Quay, vibrant and bustling with people and activities. Inbewteenis the Foothills that once was a hive for social activities with the public swimming pooland the National Theatre.The proposed pavilion seeks to embody the duality between the two realms, with itspermeable skin. The undulating web inspires curiosity and amazement as well. At certainangles, the membrane looks almost solid like a wall, and when one moves along Wonder|Wall,a “moire” effect is created due to the double cladding around the structure. When viewed onthe perpendicular, the membrane seems totally transparent and merges with the surroundingbuildings and landscape. View more View full description
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