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Sekolah Bogor Raya is a national plus private educational institution based in Bogor, Indonesia. It is located at a suburban, quite a distance from any nearby public transportation facilities, and a bit isolated in that sense so that it is commonly accessed by private vehicles. The project is a development for a new building is intended as a new extension of the existing main building located at the background. The development is urgently needed due to the growing number of students – from kindergarten up to high school students - and much needed shared facilities for all levels. In addition to that, the construction is tightly schedule so it should not intervere with the regular school activities, especially the flow of traffic (vehicular & pedestrian) within the school complex. Due to the lack of available un-built areas, it is decided to built-up the plot and leave only necessary amount of open green spaces at the ground level for specific uses. Another main challenge developing the project is that the new building should consider the flow and crossings of vehicles and people; from the drop-off to the buildings and between the buildings. The complex and various activities within the buildings should be managed in regards to the functional effectiveness, smooth flow of human & vehicular traffic, the different users/ groups of users, control and maintenance, as well as flexibility of uses. View more View full description
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