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The construction of minimalist house on the water was intended to provide a highly comfortable year-round housing for two people or to be a residence for family weekends. The houseboat is built with a clear vision which can be summarized in Corbusier‘s assertion that "human habitation should be a cell with a view of the stars". The floating house is full-fledged residence, providing all features that are associated with a pleasant housing. The Lay-out   Although the corners are rounded and the house is on a steel pontoon rather then on stilts, the inspirations for the design were functional buildings. Out of functionalism object mainly takes a simple plan upon which it is built, with an emphasis on spaciousness and effectiveness. Generous approach to space is precisely what is characteristic for the house, despite the limitations associated with its overall dimensions, which must allow transport by road. Inside you will find a living room with kitchen, bedroom with study table and really large bathroom, cloakroom and utility room. View more View full description
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