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Light to dark to light our senses soar. In the northern hemisphere, summer is a time of perpetual brightness. The beauty of this phenomenon and indeed its magnificence becomes lost as people immersed in their daily endeavour’s struggle to cope with a world encapsulated in constant light... Constant daylight brings with it a sense of destabilisation and disfunctionality as the body’s mechanism is thrown out of its natural evolutionary 24 hour cycle... Where does day end and night begin? Time’s motion, the clock and even the earth’s very orbit around the sun are rendered irrelevant. Daylight reigns supreme in a land of permanent sunlight. We wanted the pavilion to serve a duality of purpose. Not only should it be a place of retreat from the sun’s overpowering intrusiveness but a place where light and its impact is understood, appreciated and respected. Our pavilion would become a nirvana of black darkness wherein encompassed and isolated, people would question their very relationship with the sun, and how their lives might function within this environment. View more View full description
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