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In letters to the parish, the administration is pleased with the new design that comes off as more traditional.  The original palette of poured in place concrete, plate glass and cast glass gives the design a simplicity that channels a meditative space.  The simple projecting geometries of the original buildings’ design was an exploration of space, light, materials and function, producing an architectural space that was neither austere or opulent but resulted in a profound sacred space. These notions are replaced with unnecessarily complex and decorated forms that distract from the simplicity of the original structure. The new site plan disregards sanctuary-like space produced by the four perimeter buildings laid out by Trahan Architects. The interior courtyard, designed to function as a meditative space with the chapel at its center, no longer exists in the new site plans. It is unclear whether this full design will be completed, but for now the administrative building which is the entrance into the space is being renovated in such a way that it is both a focal point and distraction from the concepts of the sacred spaces developed by the original architects and the chapel that was once its focus. View more View full description
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