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The design was based on a constant modulus whose multiplication regrou the size and position of the openings of the compartments. The shape follows the parallelepiped will close on the house itself, visually extending the interior space to outer space contained. Are assumed, so the patios as an extension housing; strategic views are open to the surrounding natural terrain, taking advantage of the abundant vegetation and the irregularity of the rock. The volume is apparently larger than it actually is, since it contains the building and the outdoor spaces of transition. Aligned with the entrance gate on the lot draw up a route that crosses the building, culminating in a central square courtyard from which all entries are made. This path is the need to dissociate functionally distinct areas and is responsible, therefore, for the differentiation of volumes at floor level 0 according to the specific function as intended. Functionally housing develops in two floors above ground and one in the basement. View more View full description
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