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The Re:Vision Dallas competition attracted hundreds of entries from the world’s top architecture firms from twenty six countries. ”The quality of the thought and effort of the design teams is astounding.  It was very clear that a lot of people had put their hearts and souls into this competition,” said CDC Executive Director John Greenan.   The latest proposal shared with us comes from DB +P/Fletcher Studio entitled XERO Project.  This winning proposal, along with the other two winning proposals (Little and Atelier Data + MOOV previously featured on AD) has the opportunity to be selected for construction by the competition’s development partners. More about the XERO Project after the break. XERO Project reaches beyond the property lines of the competition block to create an intersecting greenway that extends into the whole community.  This intersection allows surrounding neighborhoods to be connected by walkable greenways that serve as infrastructure.   “By filling in the vast emptiness, making connections with the surrounding neighborhoods, addressing extreme weather and street conditions, and providing a clear focus, XERO creates a place that Dallas can value and use,” explained the team. The intersecting greenways incorporate open spaces, such as a public square, and create a network a green environments that can adapt and grow with future development. View more View full description
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