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With the success of the Tate Modern (the museum hosts approximately 2 million visitors a year), in 2005, the museum selected Herzog and de Meuron to expand its gallery space by nearly 70%.  Since that time, we have shared the transformation of the design which began as an irregularly stacked pyramid of glass boxes to a geometric faceted volume clad in perforated brick.   Yet, the expansion plans also include a vital component that is buried underground – the Tanks – which opened earlier this week. More about the Tanks after the break. The former circular oil tanks for the power station measure 30 meter by 7 meter high have been transformed from industrial remnants to amazing new performance spaces.   “The Tanks should not be seen as an annex but as the roots of something to come: they are not just an addition to what exists, or a decorative feature, but something really fundamental to Tate’s vision,” explained the architects. View more View full description
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