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As luxury buses transport urban dwellers to Silicon Valley, Atlassian made a bold and consciousmove to stay in the city close to its workforce.The officeinterior, an unexpected oasis offset by itsenigmatic warehouse exterior, offers generous and varied open spacedesigned to mimic its city analog. While other software headquarters resemble clubhouses, tree houses, and a bevy of other office typologies, Atlassian’s clients and employees prefer a casually elegant environment. Atlassian currently services 81 of the Fortune 100 companies. Its new42,000 square foot space reflects the company’s success at promoting an innovative product. Atlassian’s culture is founded on being open and transparent with its employees, clients, and partners. In fact, the largest expense within the construction budget reflects the considerable amount of glazing utilized to achieve the balance of natural daylight and the need for an open and collaborative work environment. Multiple transparent conference rooms and various breakout areas for teamwork augment the egalitarian workspace (no dedicated or closed offices).The existing trussed double height space of the warehouseinspired the design of a “Town Square” and amphitheater: a common space for staff meetings, presentations, and product launches. Naturally becoming the focus of their new workplace, the wood terraced amphitheaterseating took on a life of its own, evolving into a sculpted wood object carved at its underbelly with frameless glass enclosing a primary conference room. Facing the amphitheater, six transparent conference rooms, one wrapped in wood, define and contain the public event space. View more View full description
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