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© Thomas Mayer In March 21 2010, two buildings were opened as a part of Ruhr 2010 culture capital in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. According to our (Agirbas/Wienstroer) proposal, a synagogue and a mosque as temporary buildings but of 1:1 scale were installed near Bleck Church which was built in 1735. These spaces are planned to be used between 2010 March and November. The required area was already available and the space was created in order to give it content. The aim of the Project is to bring together people of different origins by exhibitions, symposiums, concerts and children playing together. In spite of the small size of the buildings, this Project is a city sociology project for us. © Thomas Mayer Synagogue-Church-Mosque: Each of the heavenly religions has created their particular temples. Synagogue comes from portable Jewish temple (meeting tent); Roman catacombs led to Christian churches’ vaults and arches; Arabian Bedouin tents became Muslims’ minarets directed to heaven and mosques… The appearance of these temples is not only the indicator of the transformations of religious Culture, but also a decisive symbol of religious security in the habitats of people. Synagogues, churches and mosques determine world-wide city contexts. View more View full description
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