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© KPF Hong Kong is often referred to as one of the densest cities in the world, lined with an impressive array of skyscrapers along its shores. The latest supertall addition by architects KPF reaches an altitude of 484 meters above the Victoria Harbor in Kowloon. Located atop the new Kowloon Station, a transportation hub that feeds a network that ferries over 11 million passenger journeys per day, the International Commerce Centre is an integral part and centerpiece of the Union Square reclamation project.  Internal programming includes office space, 2 hotels, and an observation deck amongst other mixed-use functions. More details after the break. © KPF Beginning with KPF’s winning proposal from the invited competition in 2000, the design would require numerous factors to be addressed in order to efficiently maximize floor plate area, structural loading, vertical circulation, and fiscal considerations. In order to harmonize structure and floor plate area, several options were considered including circular, which was most efficient at minimizing wind loading but was undesirable with future financial tenants who favored square floors plates. However, wind loading on rigid square shapes perform quite poorly and would require much more material, resulting in higher construction costs. Thus, through wind tunnel studies and a slight modification to the square plan through the introduction of notched or “re-entrant” corners, the structure was able to perform similar to the original circular plan. View more View full description
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