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The apartment is on the 5th floor of a tall multistory building with inner yard. Large balcony next to the dining room, low location of the apartment and a part of the house, which strongly shadowed the inner yard – all these didn't let the sun get into this very part of the house. The greater part of apartment has vividly oblong proportions. Space between windows used to be large notably 14 meters. Walls and balcony made it 2,5 meters larger now its 16,5 meters! The width between structural solid-cast walls was only 3,3 meters while the places, where ventilating shafts were embedded, made it even less just 2,8 meters. Having these proportions and spaces it came out that the middle of the apartment practically was not lightened. The solution came like this: there shouldn't be dead walls in this part, instead they are to replace with glass wall which if necessary can be blinded with curtains. In the end, the part of the apartment with dining room, guest space, living space and working place got enlightened from both sides. View more View full description
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