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The year is half way through, and so are TED’s City 2.0 Awards. The Award, which offers $10,000 to 10 innovative ideas in Urban Transformation, has been awarded – so far – to an eco-artist, a Wikipedia of house-building, a noise mapper, a couple of sign-post rebels, and a public-health activist and educator. More about the Award-Winning Projects…after the break. Of all the winners, the most interesting to us at ArchDaily is Wikihouse, an open-source web site of construction sets that aims to let ”anyone freely access designs and structures that are affordable, sustainable and respond to their needs – and to build them for themselves.” The two London-based designers behind Wikihouse, Alastair Parvin & Nick Lerodiaconou, were inspired by what they considered to be architecture’s long-standing elitism. As Parvin explains to the TED Blog: “For too long, cities have been made by the 1% and consumed by the 99%. We wanted to see what it would take to create something that would allow the 99% to make cities for the 99%.” View more View full description
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