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Standard Architecture‘s conceptual design, Co-Op Canyon, has recently received an honorable mention for the Re:Vision Dallas competition.  The competition provided participants with the opportunity to create an innovative and sustainable prototype for an urban community. Standard’s radical approach focused on how the residents could potentially gain equity through participation in construction, agricultural, maintenance, education and conservation programs central to the sustenance of the community.  More images and information after the break. Co-Op Canyon creates a sustainable, zero carbon space fit for 1,000 users.  Inspired by the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians, the Co-Op features terraced urban conditions which overlook a lush urban canyon.  The dwelling terraces are lined with front yard gardens that host native plants varying in color and texture, while backyard gardens emphasize the ends of the terraces.   The garden allotments, in addition to communal farms, are dispersed throughout the terraces allowing residents to grow, exchange, and share canyon-grown produce. View more View full description
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