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Marrakech is a city that offers an indigenous, a madly inventive, and vivid hand- craft culture oscillating between ad-hoc kitsch and the archaic sublime. It is apparent that these techniques are readily available and could be appropriated for a proposal for this Biennale. The question for us became: what techniques, which form of knowledge, can be brought to this situation that could start to mediate tho- se that we find on-site and as-found? What effects can we produce by considering geometrical form as found in the architecture of Marrakech and as constructed by using current algorithm software programming (Grasshopper, Rhino for example) and then begin to speculate how these forms might be rendered (made physical) by local craft techniques and materials? In this way the work reflects aspects, which will be familiar as local and other aspects, which can be understood as universal. This is not a totally lineal process and there is a lot of back and forth, trial and error, and testing of different models but with a similar goal. View more View full description
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