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Mecanoo Architects, a Dutch firm, recently designed a city hall and train station for the city of Delft.  The new station design intends to weave the past of the city with its future in the expanding urban environment. Further information about the project after the break. The existing railway runs through the center of Delft, cutting the city into two pieces. Mecanoo’s plan envisions the new railway tunnel as something that can unite the city, rather than separate. The design includes an expansion of the inner city through a large park and a promenade which will link both sides. The newly designed station will allow travelers to experience Delft as a city not only with a rich history but also one of technological ingenuity.  The vaulted ceilings, with scenes depicted in delft blue, create an organic blanket that covers the station and the city hall. These ceilings can be seen anywhere in the building and highlight the craft history of the city in a contemporary manner. View more View full description
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