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The intervention centre stretches along the road in a unique shape and appears in the form of a slightly bright prism made in stamped and stained crude concrete where empochements were dug. The particular feature is their methacrylat epidermis which appears white in day light and bright in the night. This is a very efficient material for light diffraction. Lower in the façade, there is an overflowing glass box with the figure 18 which materializes the position of the control station. The same architectural writing process is reproduced on the whole project. The principle is very simple, almost minimalist and made of dark masses and glazed areas arranged in vertical strips surrounded by shiny polished aluminum or in large tint areas. In the crux of the project there is a generous patio lined with white painted facades which distribute well the light in the construction. The garden therein offers a piece of haven, ideal for firefighters’ breaks or waiting periods. View more View full description
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