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In this project I intend to highlight two aspects above the others: First, questioning what a dwelling apartment is, and the way it works. Second, solving the structural matter. The Program The Modern Movement did not only leave us its aesthetics, but also its ethics: Thus, in a dwelling house, the specificity of its functions showed us that there was a room for parents (for procreation), and another for children (two, if they were of different sex). This functional specificity is what is questioned in my building, since the family unit is not any longer what it used to be, a change that may also be traced in ethics, traces we can't follow here. Structure Deleuze introduce a description of two games of opposing functioning, Chess and Go, a description that may well illustrate two ways of working within Architecture. In a codified Architecture, all its elements operate as the chess pieces: they have an inner nature or intrinsic properties that make them what they are. Thus, a window is always a window, a door is a door, a beam a beam, and this is proved with every component. They have designed roles and movements. Each of them is a subject of enunciation with a relative meaning, the relative meanings are combined into a subject of enunciating. View more View full description
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