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Following with the list of films we propose every week, as The Belly of the Architect, Blade Runner, and Gattaca.This week we are going back to the times when technologies didn’t allow yet the sound or even color to be part of films. Metropolis, one of the classics by the German director Fritz Lang, is a film that shows a future where the city is structured in vertical layers according to the different social strata. Something that could be recognized in the current situation of several cities today… Do you know about any example? Do you think this will be the actual future pattern of our cities? MAIN INFO Original Title: Metropolis Year: 1927 Runtime: 120 min. Country: Germany Director: Fritz Lang Writer: Thea von Harbou Soundtrack: Berndt Heller, Otto Harzner, Frank Strobel Photography Director: Karl Freund & Günther Rittau Cast: Gustav Fröhlich,  Brigitte Helm,  Alfred Abel,  Rudolf Klein-Rogge,  Fritz Rasp,  Theodor Loos,  Heinrich George View more View full description
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