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    Due to recent reforms in the German school system, a great number of school graduates will enter universities very soon. A significant lack of space made it necessary to build new lecture halls among other facilities. The new lecture hall will be a temporary solution for 10-20 years. The hall is situated north of the mathematics and computer science department of the Technical University Munich, Campus Garching. A very limited budget of just 60% of regular building costs and a very short planning and building period (approximately 9 months) made the decision to use a wooden structure easy. The primary structure is filled with a wooden frame construction based on a 62,5cm grid. The almost square building contains two lecture halls with 479 and 288 seats. They are separated by a corridor which provides the access for handicapped people and the speaker. The foyer, the bathrooms and the technical facilities are situated below the seating. This assured a maximum of seats within a minimum of cubature. The main accesses for the lecture halls are the two staircases and the first floor corridor. View more View full description
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