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Placed on top of a hill with views of the Paraná River’s west cliffs, this house for a mature couple returning to their birthplace, has the main programatic arrangement conditions of:Compactness, in order to reduce distance between areas of the house.Spatial Zoning to carefully manage room-by-room energy consumption. Flexibility, to allow the visit of the adult children, who make extensive use of the house posibilities. The very simple ‘T’ shape floor plan defines server and served spaces, giving priority to open views towards the river for the more noteworthy spaces, such as the living-dining room, the studio and the bedrooms. The roof accomplishes beyond its main function of covering the programatic spatial arrangement. It defines and generates an array of external in-between spaces, connected to the interior in order to give protection against the rigours of weather. This would be the case of the entrance patio, the living-room terrace and the open corridor facing the river. View more View full description
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