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The construction of an inner urban expressway ring around Belgrade is one of the city's biggest contemporary projects, and it is bound to be a significant generator of urban development for the capital city and the wider region. A ride or a walk along the new 'city boulevard' will open up new landscapes and new experiences of urban space. The most attractive element of the new 'boulevard' is the bridge across the Sava River, which was built on the basis of the solution that won first prize in the international architecture and construction competition in 2004. By building a new bridge, the city's administration also wished to symbolically commemorate the period when it came into existence, because the history of Belgrade is also the history of its bridges. Every era has, in its own way, been recorded in the history of the city. Every new bridge has become recognised as one of the symbols of the city, completing the gallery of city icons. By seeking a solution by means of an international competition, Belgrade sought to change the practice of constructing large road bridges which are often designed as exclusively engineering solutions, neglecting both the environment and the pedestrians who also use them. They are nothing more than long, wide, monotonous asphalt platforms stretching across a river. Pedestrians feel lost and threatened on them.On one side, there is the depth of the river threatening them, and on the other, motor vehicles. View more View full description
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