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Digital technology touches nearly everyone’s life. Be it delivered through cell phones, home entertainment devices, ATMs, storefronts or countless other means, digital design is big business and Robert Miles Kemp is at the forefront of that exploding movement. The son of a carpenter and general contractor, Kemp visited job sites from the time he was small. At nine years old, his father gave him the challenge of designing a structure for a neighbor, which was subsequently built. Kemp loved both the process and the end product. Thus began a career in architecture. More after the break. Starting as a teenager, Kemp worked in nine architecture firms of various sizes, specialties and markets (New York, Los Angles, DC) before going out on his own. He participated in more traditional residential and large apartment building design at SOM, then moved over to more modern design projects that included flexible, modular spaces and his passion; interactive design. View more View full description
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