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Architecture press is buzzing with recent Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on unemployment and self-employment figures for those in the architecture field. The media have taken this data and made a plentitude of fearful predictions about the dark future of the architecture profession: there are more too many graduates, seemingly few positions, higher educational requirements and less prestige for the profession as a whole. They paint a somewhat dismal picture, both for those entering the field and those in mid-career, who are looking to start a firm. The BLA Statistics and a recent study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education offer the following as signs of difficulty and doom: Licensing requirements (for architects) include not only a professional degree in architecture (4-6 years of schooling), but also at least 3 years of practical work, training, and passing all divisions of the Architect Registration Examination Architecture graduates face stiff competition, especially for jobs in the most prestigious firms Undergraduate architecture students are facing 13.9 percent unemployment rates About 21 percent of architects are self-employed—almost 3 times the proportion for all occupations View more View full description
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