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This is a summer house situated in the forest. In this house, by "digging a triangle plane into a house figure", the view extending obliquely upward was gained. The request of the clients who are an old couple was "wanting the space in which we can spend free time without doing anything." They wanted a summer house in which they could expose their bodies into the woods as they want, look at the trees and sunbeams shining through the branches, and spend time in the house rather than planning to do something special. Since the site is comparatively flat, a specific view does not open, like hills, but the big Japanese larch which has grown over ten meter is beautiful. Because the space between the neighbor cottages was not wide, the exchange of direct views was to be avoided, and it meant adopting nature as much as possible. Branches of the larch start from six meter from the ground. Because the views of the branches cannot be caught by adopting horizontal openings, we considered catching it by the opening in a slant direction. View more View full description
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