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In Greek mythology, Narcissus looked into the lake to admire his beauty. But what if the lake was animate and looking at its own reflection in Narcissus eyes? Situated at the entrance of Misakimizube Koen, one of the picturesque parks fronting a lake and flanked by Sakura trees, the house was conceived to be an object with the environment. The programmatic zones of Public, Service and Private spatially organized the house into 3 distinct zones with further punctuation of the main massing with the Landscape element; providing spaces for the courtyard and roof deck. This base form was further chiseled with structure, daylight/ventilation and viewpoint concerns. 65% of low rise Japanese houses are constructed out of timber, a material that has the strongest weight to strength ratio amongst other building materials like concrete and steel.  Using timber from a renewable source, coupled with building technology that utilized a hybrid of traditional mortise and tenon joint system with steel bracketing, this house was able to push the ubiquitous “boxed” building envelope for timber residential construction in Japan. View more View full description
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