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Glass Bridge as Haizuka Earthworks Projects This project is located at Haizuka dam construction area and as one of Haizuka Earthworks Projects*. We are commissioned from Mirasaka town, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan to design guardrail and pavement for the newly large bridge over the dam lake in collaboration with local people. As a result, we put over 190 sheets of glass panel(300×1800mm) to the outside of guardrail. Furthermore, collaborating with Japanese artist, Hiroshi Fuji, we design the glass panel as an Encyclopedia of living things in haizuka dam area. Therefore, "Glass bridge" is a project as landscape design, as a small museum, as a communication art, and as an architecture. Haizuka Earthworks Projects is an environmental art activity launched in 1994 as part of the program for reconstructing the Haizuka dam area in the northwestern part of Hiroshima, Japan. Through the executive committee, composed of experts as well as representatives of the region and Ministry of Construction, Earthworks Projects continued to propose and carry out diverse educational and cultural activities. View more View full description
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