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The architectural artifacts discovered in an excavation in Antakya near St. Pierre Church (an important Christian pilgrimage site;) directed the employer formerly planning to build a five-star hotel, to building a museum-hotel on the site. The dichotomy between the public program of the archeological park and the private use of the hotel becomes a major input in the design process. The artifacts discovered during the excavations and the physical and sociological characteristics of Antakya act as primary sources of contextual information. The hotel, a placeless building-type defined by its own programmatic codes; turns itself inside out to deal with the specific characteristics of this unique situation and place. The project will be situated on a site characterized by archeological artifacts. In order to deal with this unique situation the program elements are treated as individual units and spread across the site under the protective canopy, rather than building a compact introverted building. View more View full description
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